Friday, June 08, 2007

Grease: Allie's night.
Allie's performance in Grease was tonight. She seemed to be a foot shorter than all the other girls (though not the youngest...) but her big personality made her stand out again. I took a short clip of her singing can tell how exhausted she was, but she's so dern cute. We had a great time the past few weeks rehearsing and all, but I'm so glad it's over. Between her three shows this week, and Ben's three last week, we're all pretty much Grease'd out.

Coming up this Monday night: A Taste of Broadway's showcase, "The Best of Broadway."
It will be Ben's last performance in this unique after-school program created by the dynamic Jenny Gordon.


deb said...

She looks super cute! I just love Grease songs.. just makes you want to dance!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie!!!

Michelle M White said...

So very cute Miss Allie! Love the headset and costume!