Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ghost Writer: Part Deux...

Home Sweet Home

Yay! Suzi will be returning home tomorrow! Monday is not only Paris' last day in prison but Suzi's as well...though they did take very good care of her at Temple Hospital.
Now that she's due back we can hope only hope that she will be well enough to blog again soon (I know everyone is waiting)!


Take It Easy Studio said...

I am sending ya positive vibes....gall stones suck!
Love you,

rscoach said...

Suzi - so glad you're coming home today - nothing better to get you on the road to recovery than sleeping in your own bed! We miss you! big hugs - Reva

Helle Greer said...

My sweet dear Suzi,
You have been missed, and I have been thinking about all the time, and prayed that everything went well.
So glad to hear you are coming home.
Have tons to report to you.
Lots of hugs,

dede warren said...

welcome back little bird. May your wings be strong enough to carry you on all your fun missions again soon!

kimberlykwan said...

oh man!
hurry up and heal, Suzi!
and in the meantime, boss everyone around and make them wait on you hand and foot while you can get away with it! oh...and take advantage of those...umm...prescription painkillers too. good stuff... hee hee!