Monday, June 04, 2007

Po' Allie.

Today Allie's fourth grade class had their field trip to Knott's Berry Farm (to learn about the Gold Rush.) Because of her still broken paw, it would have been difficult for her to negotiate the park on crutches, so she opted to stay back. Instead of taking the easy "day in bed" option offered up to her, she chose instead the "help out the little kids" option. I was very pleased with her choice, as the schools do get a daily stipend from the state based on attendance. So little miss marvellous spent the day helping Mrs. Lucky and Mrs. Lehman (1st & 2nd grade instructors, respectively.) No worries on Allie's part about missing out on the fun. She knows she'll be going to Knott's this summer on a camp field trip.


Anonymous said...

I've been on that field trip. No tears, Allie; you didn't miss a thing!


dede warren said...

way to go suzi, for raising such caring children. bravo, good mother, bravo!!

gillian said...

Bravo to her for an A+ attitude!

Helle Greer said...

She's a GEM that Miss Allie.
Love her, and her mom tooooo.

charlotte said...

Atta girl! xoC

Michelle M White said...

oh Allie...that's too bad! I'm glad you get to go later this summer! Hope yo're feeling good!!!