Saturday, June 09, 2007

What a day!
It started with an early morning outing to the Valley to supervise the delivery of a piano. That was the smoothest delivery ever, with the guys arriving within their window of time on time, no broken pieces or dirtied floors, and a reassembled instrument put together by a very polite crew.
From there it was off to Sweetpeas, where the incomparable Helle Greer was presenting her "Secrets of the Vintage Sisterhood" file folder book. I was so happy to see her again, and though it was a big let-down not to see dear Michelle with her, Vickie more than made up for the disappointment. I love meeting new people!
The class turned out to be more than full; it was a good thing Helle had made up extra kits, as those seats were snapped up so quick it was unbelievable!
The kids were whispering with stars in their eyes when they spotted Katey Sagal in the shop. She is such a warm, down-to-earth girl, taking the time to talk to the kids and letting them pose for a picture. She really made their day. I can tell that she's a really cool mom (congrats on the new baby!!!)
The workshop ended way past seven (Helle promised not to finish until the last pages were complete!) and she had to go back down to Coronado. Miss spending time with you, lady!
I am so exhausted right now...I'm going right to bed!


Michelle M White said...

I soooo missed being with all of you! (Don't you just LOVE Vickie?!?) I'll be there next time!!!!

amytangerine said...

all the coolest people love sweetpeas!! wish I was there yesterday- still downtown at the tradeshow! hope to see you soon!

Greenearth said...

Enjoyed the read.

Helle Greer said...

Thank you so much for a GREAT day, and the Fabulous Canvas, I will treasure it always, it's sitting her next to me at my work space, so I can look at it all the time and dream of all the yummy cupcakes we had, OHH man where they good.
Luv ya