Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dinner with the girls...
My friend Susan took me to dinner tonight at Oishi* for another celebration; Donna and Harmony were able, at the last minute, to join us for the fun. The fish there is always so fresh and full of flavor (and very reasonable...)...a real pleasure. Of course, the company made it even better than usual. Donna and Harm had never met Susan before, and they all hit it off beautifully.
I've been helping Susan with the John Tracy Clinic "crop" she's organizing for Saturday, July 14th (at the clinic) and Harm & Donna were the perfect people to talk with when it comes to brainstorming. I think that this event is going to be the best cropping opportunity I've seen in a long time. Susan has put quite a program together; rumor has it that sisters Linda Woods and Karen Dinino (Visual Chronicles, Journal Revolution) will be leading one of the three free workshops during this 12 hour event.
Want in on the fun? Go to to register!

*The top dish is the special Lobster Roll, the bottom, Tuna sashimi.

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