Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spoon Swap...
I've signed up to participate in the Sparkle Bella spoon swap; here's a sneak peek at the dozen work-in-progress spoons I started on this morning. I'm a sucker when it comes to hand painting things. They're ready for the finishing dimensional touches; will it be Swarovski crystals, ribbons, or something else?


Helle Greer said...

Man!! you are so stinkin talented.
These look GREAT.
I have not even found all of mine yet, but I know they will be done before the 23rd.

teresa said...

Oh those are so stinkin cute!!! Oh my gloss!!! Did you know that I have always had a love affair with leopard print? It's true I love him ... I proclaim:

Teresa Pard
Mr. and Mrs. Leo and Teresa Pard
It could happen...

kimberlykwan said...

You did big show off!
these freakin' ROCK DA HOUSE and once I get over being mad at you for not coming to PHX, I'm gonna brag you up all over the west coast for these bad boyz!! WOW!

inventivesoul said...


Your Allie is an adorable girl!
I LOVE the look of her in the show pictures!

These spoons you made are so much fun to look at!

I would love to swap with you some time!

I know you are very talented and I am really enjoying your informative and AWESOME looking blog!