Sunday, July 01, 2007

A night of beauty.
Allie and Izze felt the need to have a little spa evening at home, so I soaked their hair in Sapoteca conditioner (ooh, the essence of marzipan...,) wrapped it in Saran, and slathered some of my precious black Biotherm lightening, peel-off mask on their soft young cheeks. Thirty minutes later, they came out of the shower silky and refreshed. They felt great, and I had a wonderful time watching them enjoy the pampering!
Ben & Elliot had spent the night over with Ian & Colin (Ben's 2nd night in a row) so I know they had a fab time as well.

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Elsie said...

Really miss seeing your
blog and hope you are doing okay. I love all the places you visit and the wonderful things you say.