Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our own "Top Chef"...

Donna's good friend Richard (the owner of Kensington Caterers) was sweet enough to invite Elliot into his prep kitchen (at the Science Museum) to help out for the day. Elliot sauteed garlic, prepared a savory artichoke mousse, and stirred/chopped/puree'd all afternoon, readying for a major event. He's a natural!

Allie and Izze Dancing

Friday, August 24, 2007

Funniest Movie Ever...

If you can get past all of the inappropriateness!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Best in Town...

Dinner with Holly and Jeannine tonight; I had to introduce them to my new fave, Ketchup at Sunset Plaza. This time 'round we had the handsome "Cooper" (a.k.a. Ryan Cooper) waiting away, with his beautiful blond trainee learning the ropes. The wonderful Darren Eichhorn was at the next station, but popped over for a warm hello (HELLO!)
I thought Cooper had a very biblical look about him (it must have been the beard!)

Warmth was the keyword tonight...the Wine & Spirits manager, Kell, took the time to chat us up and invited us to join him in the lounge after our meal for some complimentary cocktails. What a great guy! He had a Montgomery Clift essence about him, although he had no idea who Montgomery Clift was.

Here was a treat...the restaurant features a special cart they roll around, with two girls pouring and serving FREE shots!

They poured out a Grape Jello shot for me (just like candy!)

We girls ordered wisely:

These Kobe Beef grilled Hot Dog sliders topped with all the fixins' were da bomb!

Also yum were the mini chicken tacos served up with fresh guacamole...

And the Kobe Beef burger sliders.

The girls loved the fresh baked hot pretzels and the trio of fries (see my past posts!) well as the five-flavors of ketchup.
Holly liked the fresh baked Ding Dong with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream so much, that she took an extra one home for Philip & Alec (and added some of their famous chocolate chunk cookies for a more dramatic effect.)

We got a rain-check from Kell for the cocktails (my Apple Martini was just too good!) and headed downstairs to the cars. Walking out, I noticed the handsome host behind the desk and asked to take his picture. "You look like Boogie" I told him...he replied "I am Boogie!" Yes, it was the charismatic Mike "Boogie" Malin, from Big Brother, and yes, he is the owner of Ketchup (among his other eateries!)

What a great night! When I got home, I whipped out my camera to show the kids (before the download...)and Allie immediately said "Wow, that's Mike!" Not bad for a ten-year-old. Of course, we love our television shows...the kids filled me in on the episode I missed tonight (Jen got voted off!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I had a wonderful evening celebrating my newest venture ...joining forces with Teri from my favorite children's site, The Elegant Child. I'll be adding my blogging dynamics and such to her world, helping to spread the word about her fab services (and doing some spectacular custom paintings on celebrity gifts as well!)

Harm took me to The Abbey in WeHo with Izze and Allie, where I was served up this enormous Grey Goose apple martini.

Who did we run into but the charismatic Andrew, from Wolfgang Puck, who charmed us with a fresh round of martinis!

He is working his magic at Wolfgang's newest venue, the PDC (Pacific Design Center on Melrose and San Vicente, ) where they're expanding the wedding world's imagination and tossing in some of Puck's signature delicious dining at Red 7. Yum (can't wait to go there!)

Andrew with his pal Wil Power...

A trio of mini-cheeseburgers with delish fries...

The girls shared this irresistible chocolate fondue...ooooh!

No double-dipping.....!

Amazing stuff.

Later, Allie "backed up the bus" in Harm's cool shades!

Home in time for Big Brother 8....tomorrow, Sweetpeas, then more fun, fun fun!!!

What a Show!
Ben starred as the Warden of Wholesome Prison, in the
Idyllwild Arts Summer Program's original musical, Down the Block last Saturday.
What a wonderful show...the entire cast was marvellous, and the audience went wild! I can't wait until next year.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Elegant Child

I have to release a little rave.
When I was out looking for the perfect gift for a friends newest addition, The Elegant Child was the site to fill my best-gift-ever needs. Gift goddess to the stars, owner Teri knows what today's mom wants for her precious fresh arrival, and ships it out with Beverly Hills flair! Her meticulous attention to wrapping detail is eye-inspiring, and her prices are well below the Neiman-Marcus/Kitson overcharges that my neighbors have become accustomed to.
Have I said enough? Not really.
Check out her won't be disappointed!

They must be on vacation this week...
Today's Sunday crossword puzzle was very unsatisfying; more like an over-sized Monday puzzle. Not a challenge whatsoever. Hopefully, the pun creators who make my Sundays complete will step back up to clever next week.

Friday, August 17, 2007


On Tuesday night, Beau, Izze, Allie and I hit Tart at the Farmer's Daughter (on Fairfax) for a quick (cheap!) bite.

Our Tuesday review: Excellent (except for the dessert, which was frozen.)

This "Killer Macaroni" is only $4. per serving...we ordered one, and if fed four!

They also give you a complementary cast-iron skillet filled with fresh-baked kernel-filled corn bread, served with a scoop of butter and a crock of honey!

Add another $4. to the bill to order this mozzarella/tomato/basil/red onion salad; also enough to share. So good!

Beau Peep's Mojito (I should say Beau's Meau!)
She deemed it the best in town (that Tuesday...)

The frozen "Tiger's Cake"...described as delicious by the girls when thawed. It was beautiful.

Anyway, we all went back Thursday night with Donna, Chorale and Kaitlin too, to show off our find (we love a deal!)
Where were the servers? Donna had told the hostess that we'd love to get some drinks right away, but it took a good fifteen minutes for the girls to come take our orders.
Of course, they were new waitresses being trained on their first day. They didn't know what they were doing and gave all the cornbread to another table (then brought us ours after the food had been served,) and the bartender was not the same, so Beau's Mojito was overfilled with the mint leaf garnish. Everything was wrong...even the macaroni was watery!
Donna ordered a fudge brownie with french vanilla ice cream, and hot apple pie a la mode (drizzled with caramel...) the girls gave the desserts some major snaps, but that was about it.

Too bad, So sad. But it was still a deal!

Yes, we missed Big Brother, but I am relieved that Evil Dick was not voted off, glad to see Dustin go, and am disgusted with the anti-semetic remarks that Amber spewed out. There are too many ignorant, narrow-minded, prejuduced people out there (shameful!)

This is Los Angeles.

I was walking up Melrose with Beau and Allie the other night, when we spotted a couple of cute chairs in the window of what I thought was just an upscale boutique. Allie asked me to take a picture, and told me that she wanted one for her bedroom. I said "yeah, right...that's like an $1800. chair!"
She asked if we could go inside and sit on one; we weren't in any rush, so into the shop we went.

"Wait!" I shouted to Allie, as she was about to rush into the seat...there were "Do Not Touch" signs all over the floor. This was no she-she boutique...but an ART GALLERY...and that fluffy chair wasn't even $1800. was $75,000.!!!
How crazy is that!!!
I can make one of these babies myself!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Vickie's having a comment-give-a-way over at her
Whispers of Inspiration blog...check it out and add your two cents!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where's Ben?

At a specialty camp for the next two weeks. He got accepted to the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program up in the San Bernardino Mountains, and is performing in an original musical production.
We drove him up on Sunday...I know he's having the time of his life!

Dinner on Donna

Donna was invited out to dinner with her "Women of Steel" group, and our girls wanted out as well. Being the sweet mommy that she is, Donna slapped some cash on me to take the little ladies out to the new hot spot they've been aching to try: Ketchup on Sunset.

I'm letting you know right now...if you want an excellent dining experience, this is the place.

Allie and Izze shared the lobster lettuce wraps (two on the plate, with Mango Ketchup! Mmmmm.)

Meatloaf with baby veggies and garlic mashies!

Darren Eichhorn was our waiter for this evening of perfection. Yes, he's an actor...but an amazing guy who, as Izze noticed, "interacted" with the kids in the most wonderful way. He sat at the table with them, had them laughing 'til their sides ached, and was just an all-around great guy. I hope he gets discovered in a major way!

Their version of a "Ding Dong" with vanilla bean iced cream.

Everything was white with startling red accents.

Darren with his fan club

Five kinds of Ketchup were presented (chipolte, maple, mango, classic and ranch)

To compliment the three types of fries (plain, garlic/parmesan, and sweet potato.) Notice that I didn't say "French" fries?

And like our other fave, Jack Sprat's, hot pretzels with a dijon dip and a side of fresh butter with tomato accents brought a complimentary touch of delish to the table.

Excellent food, excellent service. Yes...this place is a winner!

Thanks, Donna!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Last Night...

Private event at Wolfgang Puck's Hollywood/Highland spot.
The Bridal Bar and Puck partnered 50/50 on this Bridal-fete,
showcasing the Bridal Bar's vendors and Wolfy's food & venue.

It wouldn't be Puck without his signature Spicy Ahi Tuna cones.

Chachi posed with our friend from The Singing Bee...

The upholstered open bar, featuring Veev (environmentally
friendly vodka)

Tick Tock provided so many takes on the traditional centerpiece...

Holly's favorite: Bite-sized cheeseburgers (I loved the Gerkin accent!)

Harm posed with Rob...

Classic Party Rental's set up these intimate sitting areas throughout the setting.,,
Yummy Lobster w/rice appetizers. So delicious!

More Tick Tock...Eddie is SO talented!

Ginger-lemonade refreshers...

Mini-meringues with Silver dragees...

Sugared white raspberries...
Teensy Rangoon...Amy Tan's mom would approve!

Macaroon tower...

And the Profiterole tree!

Eddie again...

And the smoked Salmon w/caviar pizza.
I didn't even show you 1/2 of the offerings served up at this amazing event. I am just too exhausted to do any more editing now. It was cool having all the entertainment show camera's shooting all around us (and the still photographers flashing away!)
But the best part was being with my friends and celebrating another one of Harmony's successful events! Bravo, Beau!