Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Elegant Child

I have to release a little rave.
When I was out looking for the perfect gift for a friends newest addition, The Elegant Child was the site to fill my best-gift-ever needs. Gift goddess to the stars, owner Teri knows what today's mom wants for her precious fresh arrival, and ships it out with Beverly Hills flair! Her meticulous attention to wrapping detail is eye-inspiring, and her prices are well below the Neiman-Marcus/Kitson overcharges that my neighbors have become accustomed to.
Have I said enough? Not really.
Check out her won't be disappointed!


Prolix fromla Normandie said...


merci beaucoup for your nice words!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Michelle M White said...

I would buy that tricycle just for decoration!!!