Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dinner on Donna

Donna was invited out to dinner with her "Women of Steel" group, and our girls wanted out as well. Being the sweet mommy that she is, Donna slapped some cash on me to take the little ladies out to the new hot spot they've been aching to try: Ketchup on Sunset.

I'm letting you know right now...if you want an excellent dining experience, this is the place.

Allie and Izze shared the lobster lettuce wraps (two on the plate, with Mango Ketchup! Mmmmm.)

Meatloaf with baby veggies and garlic mashies!

Darren Eichhorn was our waiter for this evening of perfection. Yes, he's an actor...but an amazing guy who, as Izze noticed, "interacted" with the kids in the most wonderful way. He sat at the table with them, had them laughing 'til their sides ached, and was just an all-around great guy. I hope he gets discovered in a major way!

Their version of a "Ding Dong" with vanilla bean iced cream.

Everything was white with startling red accents.

Darren with his fan club

Five kinds of Ketchup were presented (chipolte, maple, mango, classic and ranch)

To compliment the three types of fries (plain, garlic/parmesan, and sweet potato.) Notice that I didn't say "French" fries?

And like our other fave, Jack Sprat's, hot pretzels with a dijon dip and a side of fresh butter with tomato accents brought a complimentary touch of delish to the table.

Excellent food, excellent service. Yes...this place is a winner!

Thanks, Donna!


linda woods said...

YUM! I must go there! I am on a sweet potato fry kick.

teresa mcfayden said...

You just make me want to come to LA so I can eat with you. Such gorgeous food. Oh great-now I am getting hungry...

Kip said...

The food looks fabulous!