Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Best in Town...

Dinner with Holly and Jeannine tonight; I had to introduce them to my new fave, Ketchup at Sunset Plaza. This time 'round we had the handsome "Cooper" (a.k.a. Ryan Cooper) waiting away, with his beautiful blond trainee learning the ropes. The wonderful Darren Eichhorn was at the next station, but popped over for a warm hello (HELLO!)
I thought Cooper had a very biblical look about him (it must have been the beard!)

Warmth was the keyword tonight...the Wine & Spirits manager, Kell, took the time to chat us up and invited us to join him in the lounge after our meal for some complimentary cocktails. What a great guy! He had a Montgomery Clift essence about him, although he had no idea who Montgomery Clift was.

Here was a treat...the restaurant features a special cart they roll around, with two girls pouring and serving FREE shots!

They poured out a Grape Jello shot for me (just like candy!)

We girls ordered wisely:

These Kobe Beef grilled Hot Dog sliders topped with all the fixins' were da bomb!

Also yum were the mini chicken tacos served up with fresh guacamole...

And the Kobe Beef burger sliders.

The girls loved the fresh baked hot pretzels and the trio of fries (see my past posts!) well as the five-flavors of ketchup.
Holly liked the fresh baked Ding Dong with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream so much, that she took an extra one home for Philip & Alec (and added some of their famous chocolate chunk cookies for a more dramatic effect.)

We got a rain-check from Kell for the cocktails (my Apple Martini was just too good!) and headed downstairs to the cars. Walking out, I noticed the handsome host behind the desk and asked to take his picture. "You look like Boogie" I told him...he replied "I am Boogie!" Yes, it was the charismatic Mike "Boogie" Malin, from Big Brother, and yes, he is the owner of Ketchup (among his other eateries!)

What a great night! When I got home, I whipped out my camera to show the kids (before the download...)and Allie immediately said "Wow, that's Mike!" Not bad for a ten-year-old. Of course, we love our television shows...the kids filled me in on the episode I missed tonight (Jen got voted off!)

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