Friday, August 17, 2007

This is Los Angeles.

I was walking up Melrose with Beau and Allie the other night, when we spotted a couple of cute chairs in the window of what I thought was just an upscale boutique. Allie asked me to take a picture, and told me that she wanted one for her bedroom. I said "yeah, right...that's like an $1800. chair!"
She asked if we could go inside and sit on one; we weren't in any rush, so into the shop we went.

"Wait!" I shouted to Allie, as she was about to rush into the seat...there were "Do Not Touch" signs all over the floor. This was no she-she boutique...but an ART GALLERY...and that fluffy chair wasn't even $1800. was $75,000.!!!
How crazy is that!!!
I can make one of these babies myself!

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