Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We've had a very busy time, what with all the buzz about the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes wedding. Harmony Walton ( was instrumental in booking their photographer, Robert Evans, through her very special event gallery. After a phone-call-frenzied Saturday (EVERY mag in town was calling) we got a little respite via Happy Feet up at the Univesal City Walk IMAX with Ben & Allie.
Sunday proved to be a much calmer day, when after spending the morning making samples for an upcoming project, I took the kids to a private event at the Paul Frank Store. We were treated to delicious cupcakes from Frostings in Long Beach, after which we got to silk-screen our own Paul Frank t-shirt. Fun! If that wasn't enough, we then went to Century City and watched For Your Consideration with Donna, Rand & her kids, later meeting up with Gary & snatching Harmony off to my least favorite restaurant in the world (Soup Plantation.) It's that whole buffet/line/wait issue that I have, plus the all-starch-all-day menu. Lets just say that I've relegated that restaurant to Gary.
Monday, after a fun-filled day at Sweetpeas and Snapshots, I rushed back to the Bridal Bar (more sample-making) where we decided to have a little photo-booth fun. Harm & I raced over to the Lucky Strike Lanes at Hollywood/Highland and met the really cool shoe guy and waitress Audrey. As we were walking back to my car, we noticed quite a crowd in the center of the complex; we had to investigate.
Turns out that James Blount was giving a FREE concert there that night...and Harmony is a big fan. She had tried to get tickets to his sold-out concerts earlier this month, and there he was with only a couple hundred people to see. We went upstairs to the French Creperie, got a table by the rail and dined to his tunes. When I got home, Gary was sleeping, Ben and Allie were waiting up for me all excited, so we watched our usual Monday shows 'til late.
Tuesday was dinner with Uncle Leon (91); Aunt Carol & cousin Tony were in from Cambria, so since Carol had been craving Deli (there are no Deli's on the central coast) we went to Canters for dinner. Marc Canter came over to the table to visit, telling us how busy they are and how tomorrow (11/22) they are catering the Rolling Stones concert at Dodger Stadium. Pretty cool...he's a nice guy; Rand used to play softball with Marc when he was on the TIOF team.
Getting set to open at Sweetpeas now...hopefully, it'll be a very busy day.

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