Saturday, November 25, 2006

So Fabulous...

Family dinner last night at a perennial favorite; Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks. It is getting more and more difficult to find places that are consistently great; this is never an issue at this restaurant. If you'd like to put yourself in a chiaroscuro-filled environment with the most delicious Mole imaginable, I can highly recommend this spot (the Carnitas are far above average as well!)
T.M.I. time:
Suzi: Albondigas y Chicken Mole
Allie: Albondigas y Flautas sin todos
Elliot: Quesadilla
Donna: Tostada en concha
Isabel: Guacamole (with the best chips; like chicharones, but flour!)
Bubbe: Enchilada de pollo
Gary: Burrito
Rand: Tostada en concha
Ben: Quesadilla
It was great seeing the Foxxy Croppers who came to visit me yesterday, (you've all been so welcoming; it's a pleasure to be part of the group!)
I'm going to be at
Sweetpeas & Snapshots all day today. Happily, Holly Dye is on her way out here (from the far end of the Valley) to work on an ATC project. Some great new product came in from K & Company this week; I know Holly is going to love the cameo brads. We'll be exercising our minds, working hard to come up with a fantabulous make 'n take for the Holiday party here at the store on December 9th. Artist/Author Linda Woods will be leading a filled workshop, after which she will be signing her book, Visual Chronicles at our party, and we'll have some delicious nibbles to snack on.
I can't wait!

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Linda Woods said...

How have I never not known about this restaurant? I will try it next time we cross the hill on the way to crossing the other hill.
I am sooooo glad you have a blog!