Thursday, May 31, 2007


There's a new fad in town: Frittelli's. Forget the Dunkin', Krispy Kremes, Winchells and other deep trans-fatty fried circlets of sinfully golden delight...Frittelli's proclaims "Trans-fat free" (gourmet?) doughnuts...and they're delicious!
The best part of this blessedly scrumptious den of delight? It's within a moment's walk from my home, at 350 North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills!

Right at this moment, I think this is a good thing (because I'm doing my best not to indulge myself,) but I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if my resolve is as true as I believe.
I did bring a box of these babies home this afternoon; Ben and a few of his friends were here working on a homework project, and they needed a "healthy" snack.
The project they were working on was for their "sex ed"; they were making a youtube video on practicing "safe sex". It's pretty silly, but they had fun making it... AND they enjoyed the snackage!

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annieadams said...

Oh...I love donuts and to think with no trans fat...I hope they come down to the OC!